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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  April 7, 2010 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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constituents, many of whom are under insured. >> debating car insurance coverage. how much more you could be forced to pay. >> toyota fights back. with a -- what the car maker is doing to keep selling vehicles. >> and the orioles get the season started on the road. how they did against the rays. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am jennifer gilbert. jeff barnd is off tonight. if you drive a car, you need insurance, and the price tag on that insurance, could be going up. if a new bill passes. john rydell reports, the state senate takes up a plan that could lead to an increase in car insurance rates. >> state lawmakers are bitterly divided over whether to increase the amount of insurance that a other drivers if they areect involved in accidents. a bill to increase the minimum
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amount of liability coverage drivers must carry has passed the house. almost 250,000 drivers would wind up paying more in premiums. supporters say the bill would actually help to pay for medical costs for those seriously injured in crashes, but opponents call it an indirect tax hike. >> it will be disproportionate on the low income, even with perfect credit, perfect driving history, perfect vehicles. >> it is affecting our constituents, many of whom are under insured. it is affecting our uncompensated care. affecting our health care with health care costs going up. >> debate on this controversial bill is expected to resume tomorrow in the maryland senate. john rydell, fox 45 news "late edition". >> also in annapolis today. medical marijuana gets the green light from the state senate committee. judicial proceeding committee voted 7-4 in favor of the bill. if it passes it would provide qualified patients with access to medical marijuana and they do
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not have to worry about getting arrested. bill moves to the full senate for consideration. >> the maryland house of delegates has set a side $20 million in the state's capital budget to, help replace helicopters. in the aging medevac fleet additional money helps to give the state more buying power as it negotiates with vendors. since the senate did not include the funds the chambers has to negotiate. >> house of delegates is trying to prosecute gang members easier. if passed and agreed upon. the number of (inaudible). >> will increase adding witness intimidation, second-degree-assault and human trafficking. opponents say the legislation is too sweeping and will lead to the incarceration of youth that happen to be in a gang, but are not responsible for crimes. >> this bill makes it very easy for prosecutors to to do their job and those that are innocent, are going to suffer. >> the bill was introduced to
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close loopholes in the gang prosecution act of 2007. that law has resulted in only one guilty plea and not one conviction. by a jury. in almost three years. >> well, police are investigating the possible rape of a 19-year-old woman in baltimore county. investigators say she was walking into her building at the prescott square apartments last night. when a man grabbed her from behind. the woman told police the man dragged down her to the laundry room and raped her. neighbors call it a crime waiting to happen because the building front door lock does not work. >> it is not safe. in this day and age, crime is running rampant and for that family, that girl, that's ridiculous. bottom line, ridiculous. should not have happened. and if the door was fixed it could have been breasted. >> police are work wing a vague description of the suspect. meantime the spokesman for the apartment's management company said they are cooperating fully with police in the
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investigation. and our reporter keith daniels was on the scene there earlier tonight and did notice that door lock has been fixed. >> baltimore city police are looking for some young kids, they say abused a dog, in northwest baltimore. on easter sunday, animal control got a call saying kids believed to be 12 or 13 years old, were throwing sox and bricks at a dog, that was tied in the 3700 block of greenspring avenue. the baltimore animal rescue shelter is caring for the one-year-old animal. anyone with information is asked to call animal control at (410)396-4698. >> more bills for former mayor sheila dixon hair styles are still coming in. last month, we reported dixon submitted $280 in salon bills to the city. now, we have learned in 18 months the mayor actually submitted almost $700 in hair salon bills. all have been paid by the city.
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>> what she has charged the city, i believe is very small. >> her personal expenses are just that. personal expenses. she should be liable for it. not the city. >> well dixon has admitted to occasionally having her hair styled before taping segments for the public access channel and sending the bill to the city. >> well, temperatures really shot up today. it felt more like summer out there. we may see more 80-degree, 90-degree weather tomorrow. chief meteorologist vytas reid is here to tell us the details. >> feeling more like june, july and august out there. versus april. we are seeing heat out there. another day of heat. we will see summer like temperatures again. and then we will start to get changes building in as we get to thursday. thursday night to friday morning. right now hd radar shows clear skies over baltimore. no precipitation. high today of 93 inner harbour. 90 out at the airport. 90 in d.c. 94 the high in hagerstown. right now, looking at temperatures in the mid 70s. and still holding on to 80 downtown baltimore.
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78 in d.c. 79 in salisbury. we will see the temperatures rising relatively quickly through the day tomorrow starting out with sunshine in the mid upper 60s already. mid 80s and then rise quickly through the later half of the afternoon books the lower mid 90s. so another hot day on and then the big changes coming. i will show you the changes coming up in detail, in just a bit. >> health officials are making the push for patients to get an h1n1 flu shot. in howard county. health department is sitting up mobile flu clinics this week at shopping centers. trying to reach out to employees and shoppers that do not have it. experts say the shots are in plentiful supply. and flu season is not over yet. so they want to make getting a shot as easy as possible. >> we have held over 150 clinics. to date. but there is still folks that have not been able to get to the clinic because they are working during work hours. or in school. >> free flu shots were distributed today at the
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columbia crossing shopping center right in the parking lot. >> toyota plans to keep its sales incentives through april. auto maker is offering discounted lease os up to eight models, including the camry, corolla and rav 4 and offers 0 percent financing on up to six vehicles. and it is expanding a two-year free maintenance program to all customers. >> so for those people that are not concerned by the recall. beautiful time for them loyalists that have a great deep relationship their existing toyota dealer, get the extended warranty. >>the deals help to lift sales, more than 40 percent, last month. and some of the leases and financing deals will vary by region. >> a warning tonight, scam artists taking advantage of the health care law. federal investigators say the hustlers are going door door claiming limited open enrollment period to buy health insurance
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now. but the big expansion of coverage will not coming for another four years. >> tragedy at a west virginia mine. what went wrong in the desperate search for survivors. >> marines and suspected taliban members in a fire fight. video of the dramatic showdown and how insurgents are trying to disguise themselves now. >> this is obviously a weapon of last resort. >> revamping the na
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>> rescue efforts hit a wall at a west virginia mine. where 25 workers were killed, and 4 more are still missing. the search will have to wait while officials remove poisonous gas from inside of the mine. jonathan hunt '02 more on the effort to get the rescue back on track. >> with the clock ticking hope is fading. >> we know that the odds are not in our favor. >> drilling is now underway in the effort to find four west virginia miners missing since the blast. >> two drills working now. and feverishly to get down to find out what type of air we have in that area of the mine before we can let rescuers go in. >> monday's explosion at the massey energy company upper big branch south mine killed at
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least 25 workers. while investigators try to pinpoint the cause of the blast, some experts have expressed concern about the site's safety record. >> certainly the inspectors were paying a lot of attention to this mine, that's why there was regulatory problems with it. and some fines. >> the ceo of massey, said despite the citations, the mine was still deemed by many to be safe. >> all the people that are very knowledgeable of manning, whether with the federal or state government or massey, concluded the mine was safe to operate. >> meanwhile friends, family and an entire community wait for answers. >> we want them today. we want answers, we're very upset. >> and questions about the coal company's safety record have started. federal inspectors cited the mine almost 500 times last year and proposed almost $1 million in penalties. yet their production has more than tripled.
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>> dramatic showdown between u.s. marines and suspected taliban fighters in afghanistan, caught on video. the shooting started when marines found weapons stashed in a local house. the soldiers opened fire on suspected insurgents. suspected taliban fighters, and the homeowner arrested. u.s. soldiers say the taliban are shaving beards and using other tactics to avoid being identified. >> the last thing they will walk around with their faces covered. usually that's so the locals cannot identify them. so we have a hard time robbing them later as well. >> attacks are frequent in this part of afghanistan. forces say the area is loaded with snippers and improvised explosive devices. >> obama administration outlines a complete over that you will the country's nuclear policy. the plans will cutback the
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arsenal, and set new strict rules on the use of nuclear strikes. the policy said u.s. nuclear weapons are for the purpose of responding to a nuclear attack. not instigate one. that means nuclear weapons will not be used against non-nuclear states, even in response to a chemical or biological attack. >> we are recalibrating our priorities to not have nuclear proliferation and terrorism. and reducing the scroll number of weapons in our arsenal, while maintaining a safe, secure and effective deer ter rent to protect our nation, allies and partners. >> well, critics say russia and china are not following the u.s. lead. which could put our country at-risk. that brings us to the question of the day. will the new nuclear policy keep america safe? so far 27 percent say yes. view 73 percent say no. daryl writes on facebook t makes this country look more submissive. and all we are doing is trying to sway the minds of terrorists.
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karen writes, i don't think it will help. we're already in trouble. >> well, chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us with details of this very summer like steamy forecast. vytas. >> definitely more hot weather on the way tomorrow. looking at the 90s sticking around. and then big changes coming, as we start to cool down a bit as a front pushes in from the west. right now, hd skycam. downtown inner harbour. shows 79 degrees. just a few high thin clouds across the area. winds out of the south-southwest at eight. and humidity levels at 35 percent. we did gait few little breezy conditions through the afternoon as the temperatures were warming up. we could see that hot air continue to stick around. so stay in the shade. another hot day tomorrow. like i said, feeling like summer versus spring. as the temperatures are well into the lower 90s. high today, 90 degrees. normally we should be at 61 degrees for this time of year. so you can see we're well above where we should be sitting. and our high today, hit 90. so we match that as far as what
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our high was back in 1929. no precipitation to talk about. but that will change as we get down the road into thursday, thursday night, into friday morning. highs across the state. 93 in inner harbour. 90 in d.c. 94 in hagerstown. and over on the eastern shore, salisbury, looking at a high of 88 degrees. currently, still sitting at 80 downtown baltimore. 78 in d.c. 75 in hagerstown. western maryland, 70 degrees. still on the mild side of things. sleep with the windows open. looking at the hd radar. few high thin clouds south of us. fredericksberg and charlottesville. around baltimore looking at the clear skies. and high pressure sticks around bringing the warm air out of the south. frontal boundary stretches up to the great lakes. hot air pushing as far north as toronto and buffalo new york. cooler air behind this area of low pressure. that collides with the warm air. fires off thunderstorms across parts of the midwest tomorrow. indianapolis, columbia ohio, lexington kentucky, they could
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get severe weather through the afternoon. this may give us some gusty thunderstorms on thursday night. and then once the front passes we will see the cooler air moving in and puts us back in our place where we should be for this time of year temperature wise. along the five-day forecast. 91 tomorrow. then about 80 to 82 degrees thursday as the front pushes through. firing off the thunderstorms. gusty storms thursday. for opening day, you see temperatures will be around 58 degrees. maybe a trailing shower. but by afternoon, breaks, letning the sunshine. 62 saturday w sunshine. 70 sunday w plenty of sunshine. >> orioles use a long ball in the season opener against the xñ
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>> a drunk driver gets a fast-food craving and ends up under arrest. witnesses say the 27-year-old apparently tried to order food with police lights flashing behind him. workers at the restaurant say the suspect drove the wrong way down the street. before pulling in, the wrong way. at the drive-thru. police say the man failed field
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sobriety tests, and a breathalyzer. >> this coyote spent several hours on the loose in chicago monday, evading animal control before finally being captured. a lot of manpower went in to trying to subdue the coyote, including at least one news helicopter. the animal was turned over to a wildlife rehabilitation center. >> a houston area woman had a lot to celebrate monday. she turned 110. she has out lived her six siblings and 3 husbands. her life has spanned 20 out of the 44 american presidents, and she credits clean living for her longevity. patrice harris fox 45 news "late edition". >> after watching the rest of baseball play season openers the last two days, orioles finally got into the act. tonight opened the 2010 season. with a first of three against the tampa bay devil rays down in
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saint pete and much to feel enthusiastic b millwood made the seventh career opening start tonight. and first in a oriole uniform. bottom of the first. millwood strikes out longoria with a high heat to end the inning. bottom of the second. millwood get burrell to chase the slider. five strike outs in five innings. no score. until adam jones sends it on the field. solo home run. gives orioles the lead. bottom of the third. 2 o 2 out. single to right field. navaro tries to score. markakis comes up throwing. laser to the plate. markakis picks up where he left off last season. what a defensive player. top of the fourth. 1-0. scott monster solo home run deep right center. lands in the last rove seats out there. in right center. his first of the year. orioles are up 2-0.
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top of the sixth. 2-1. power surge continues. matt wieters turns on one. sends it to deep right. reaches the seats for the solo home run. orioles lead it 3-1. bottom of the six. rays get one balk. watch longoria, bomb off millwood in the upper deck. his first. cuts the o's lead. and bottom of the 9th. orioles clinging to the 3-2 lead. new closer gonzales in to seal the win. in a jam with bases loaded. one out. facing crawford. watch what happens. crawford delivers with a line tore right. shaun rodriguez scores the tying run. here comes another one. beats the throw at the plate. rays walk off with a 4-3 win opening day over the orioles. >> well, the way millwood pitch asked what we expected. battled. made good pitches. albers came in, got some big outs for us.
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we played with a lot of poise. confident. just came down to the last three outs and we did not get it done. >> disgusted by the whole thing. obviously millwood pitches a gem, and then the bullpen did awesome. they will get the runs. and i have to come in and shut the door. notify excuses about that. i didn't get it done. it is one of those things where, you know, as soon as i leave the locker room, i forget about it. tomorrow is another day and i have to come in and get it done. >> game two of the series tomorrow night in saint pete. back to you. >> again clear skies throughout the area tonight. withor
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>> final look at the seven-day forecast. it looks like we will see another hot one tomorrow. with temperatures right around 91 degrees. plenty of sunshine. and then for thursday. a little bit of change coming as the cold front pushes through. temperatures in the lower 80s. we will see the threat for some thunderstorm activity across the area. maybe some gusty storms. thursday night leading us to friday morning. i know it is opening day for the o's. temperatures are cooler. 58 degrees. maybe a sprinkle. but only 20 percent chance. by the afternoon, game time. feeling good about it. probably get sun breaking through the clouds. 62 saturday. sunday more sunshine.
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stay dry, monday, tuesday, what's with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. >> you can personalize your own forecast with i-radar, available at use the interactive tools to track coming storms down to your street. go to and click on i-radar. >> well, no more excuses for being late in baltimore. the clock hands of the famous bromo seltzer tower are back in place. hands were taken down march 16, the south facing clock was not working, so the large hands were taken off and restored. the internal operation of the clock, was also in need of repairs. so they have been taking care of that too. and all just in time for opening day. so people can see the hands from their seats in camden yards. >> i think, it is the largest clock facing north america. bigger ta than big bend from what i understand. exciting. >> tower built back in 1911. listed on the national register of historic places. >> when it comes to news in your
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neighborhood. see it, shoot it, send it. you can upload pictures and videos to our website. go to and click on the see it, shoot it, send it icon. you can also send pictures directly from your cell phone to >> and that is all for the late edition tonight thanks for joining us. i am jennifer gilbert. i will see you tomorrow night. have a great night. real time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning [ male announcer ] how do the editors of consumers digest
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